There are some better quotes that apply a bit better I think.

Now I have been pondering on this, Is it realy that bad? Think about it. The Net would be split into 2.

one side essintially owned by Microsoft
one still free and open.

All the linux servers out there will not run out and all the sudden by this version of windows or upgrade their hardware. IBM has no love for Microsoft, nor dose Sun Microsystems. Right there are 2 harware vendors that just may come out with a hardware solution.

Software alternatives are already inplace. The way I see it, you would have a corperate net under Microsoft... And a net were open source projects and such can flourish. Might even be better...

Do you realy think Apple servers will all the sudden be replace by these Microsoft/P.C. ones? How about other platforms?

Spark stations

All of these platforms are still compatable with each other on the net... So word documents will not be able to transfer on the free net. So we use the new standard for the free net.

This could actualy be a chance for some companies to sell a cheaper product with more freedom. I mean when Micrsoft starts deleting out MP3's and porn these other OS's and platforms will have a new found intrest in them.

Now maybe I'm playing Devil's advocate here. I mean just yesterday I was going to start a boycot. But I can easily see 2 nets, and no Microcrooks on te free net.