I'm not sure I'd trust drudgereport.com lol. No...I'm sure I wouldn't. My post was on the media, how they warp shit, and how ppl feed on it as mass mooing sheep. But I know anything about pasties is bullshit because she's wearing a sun medallion nipple ring combo, it's a sun around her nipple with a ring on the outside. Gah...lets start more rumors, be the best sheep we can be in our democracy:/ Heard on the radio janet was suppose to pull timberlakes cock out, lol. Fuckin local radio...:/ I hate rumors, their stupid, and it's like the news was with iraq/elections...waste not, want not.

Either way, if you believe drudgereport at least go here http://www.def-con.org/m/janet_tit.mpeg and if your eyes are weak, and you still think pasty like I said...sun medallion, nipple ring, http://www.def-con.org/i/jackson/janet/jannet-02.jpg blam. kthx.

Um Madonna was hot in "Swept Away" that's from 2002, so if ya don't think she's attractive...damn...maybe if more ppl got to the gym, and were tan/tone. We'd all have alot more ugly ppl huh? Fuck ppl of the world lets all get jealous! Heh, britney...just like I told my ex, and I've told friends liek...I hold no respect or attraction to her heh.

#janetjackson on efnet was listed on some places, heh probably bouncing.

Imo it wasn't planned, just because a site has a pic of her tit with a piercing/medalion on it:/ doesn't mean they know just shit. Like I said..IF PPL WOULD READ, the news fuckin makes us sheepish lamberts, we could be a lion in a house of sheep, and still be baahing our ass off. You hear it, you believe it. The fact is that everyone has apologized, and no one has called fault. Their apoligies are being drafted by the media in " " quotes as confessions of conspiracies. They have nothing right now, iraq is dry, saddam is caught, wtf...you think they told you the truth there? Why here? Meh...america...I'm so afraid of america...
"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"