I was sitting here reading and i came to a revelation. What is the point of helping people who ask, to teach them to hack? with them 9 times out of 10 they will find a new hobbie and drop computers like moldy bread. So why is it that we continue to waste time with them? Somone who really wants to learn to hack wouldn't come here asking how to do it and expect to be spoon fed, they'd come looking for intelegent people to give them a push in the right direction with some good heavy reading. Not any tutorial on hacking, but stuff much more deep. For example, i've been in computers for along time now, and often i just sit down and read random junk about computers on the internet just to further my knowlege. I will often sit at home on a saterday evening and read the rfc's, or other various technical manuals. So long story short, i'm ranting about idiots who come looking for a quick way out. Well their isn't a quick way to hack somone's computer. And yes i know their is shit like trojans and what not, but do you really know how to use a trojan, how it works, what it does, or do you just now that your "hacking"


Trust me, if i started killing people, there'd None of you left