The whole thing on hacking and Linux for me was because I found someone. I was always curious, but this man taught me. Does the name Eric Raymond ring a bell? I use to email him back and forth. I learned a lot from him, if you need books read his book, "The Cathedral and the Bizzar", sorry trying to spell it. THere is also a book called "The Hacker Ethic", something like that. Hacker's aren't about distruction. It's not stealing either. It's about being curious and exploring. Some of us take passwords, some of us crack Databases, write codes, linux addicts (like me lol, takes place for me being a n00b hacker). It's about knowledge, because it is power. It's not a crime to look is it? If you get into an account and just want to look, it's just exploring. It's like saying I can't look at a hot chick on the beach, it's illegal. We seek information, not harming. I feel there are 3 hacker groups. To tell ya the truth there are many different views on Hacker Ethics. This is mine. I see 3 groups. The White Hackers (as in good), Dark Hackers (the dark side, cracking, crashing, stealing), and the Modern Day Robin Hood (return to the rich give to the poor, help people who he has hacked). What do I like the most? I like the Modern Day Robin Hood. I think if you got into their account tell the user some how. Explain how, how to prevent it, what to fix etc. However one must use caution when doing this. Not everyone is so thankful for your input. Time for dinner, now I gotta go to a meeting... Don't quote the last sentences lol. I'll think of more, btw... When you are done, can you email me a copy. TY
"The ghost... Was never there and you'll never see me"