Sometimes when something is foreign or new territory to someone, they have NO common sense in that area. It does't take more than 5 minutes max (usually 30 seconds) to do a search and/or point someone in the right direction.

When I answer questions, I usually learn a bit myself by reading other answers or looking for an answer.

It is simple, I agree Skull. So if ppl don't want to throw away a minute or two of there life here or there, then don't. There will be someone, and if no one is willing, they might have to give up or look themselves.

Very seldom do ppl come back and ask step by step through something. Ex. ask a question, get answer, and come back asking the next thing to do,etc.

So I come here to contribute, hang out, and help. And I think the majority of ppl here do for the same reason. I learn alot more one on one, talking in IRC, etc.