I've been thinking about starting a tutorial or lecture or something on how to hack. Despite the topic, it would mostly teach about how the internet works, and ports and servers, and the concept on what an exploit is and what it means, and info on how to teach yourself to move on from there. Quite simply they don't know where to start. Even if they're a smart help-themself guy it can be quite frustrating if you have NO knowledge in the area. No basis from which to grow. I've been thinking about making a concerted effort in giving that basis.

And as for people who don't make the cut. Who cares? I enjoy helping out people. Part of it is I enjoy showing my knowledge in a given area - a show-off complex I guess. Another part is the challenge of expression. To teach in such a way that it gets learned. I actually find it fun to say something - and the listener says they don't understand. So I paint the concept in easier to understand ways and feel the satisfaction in knowing they finally got it.

I've actually considered a career in teaching in the past, I enjoy teaching so much.

(P.S. Skull, to get ahold of me, you'd have to be in my chan before 11:00 PM Central.)
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