Yeah, I agree with SR, people might be smart but just not know anything in the way of computers. How are they supposed to know that there is no quick way to hack if we don't tell them? Most of our knowledge comes from what we observe and what people tell us, and if you don't know much about computers you'd think that there was some quick way to hack due to all the medias portrayl (spelling?) or hacking. Yes, I know that obviously nobody should believe everything the media says, but this does not meant that everything they say is bullshit and sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference. So the only way they are going to move forward and learn more and help others is if we tell them there is no quick way and show them how to get started. People who really want to learn more about computers will continue on, whereas others will quit, but they won't be able to make that decision without us helping them out.
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