Myself, I'm a very big noob; I'm not learning 'hacking' at all, I think a beginner must start by learning some programmation language first then try some tricks using them. I get flame everytime I try to post something 'intelligent'; this one will probably be as the other ones but I just don't care; I just have to say it. I also get flame probably because I'm very young; I don't think you guys love to talk about serious things with a 15 years old boy just because he is not 'mature' and you don't have anytime to waste with a newb. I'm not one of those lame kids who just wanna 'hack' the guy who said he was gay on #teenagers-sex on undernet. I'm learning things as you when you were young; even if other people don't help me at all; I don't care, no one will discourage me of learning just because they say I'm a 'kiddo' and put "Joey from hackers" in my title.(yes I'm talking about Gizmo here.) There is also the barrier language; I'm probably the only french in here but I like to talk english; even if I'm not that good and the things I wanna say are not very well 'formulated' so people don't understand me at all (probably many of my sentences in this post) I just wanted to say that kids aren't all the same and you have to make difference between them.