Sorry for boring you guys with this but I just wanna take a quick timeout to say thank you to the people at UGN Security for helping to put me on the road that I'm rite now. I first came here about 4 years ago and eventhough I was a complete newbie I was welcomed and made a bunch of friends and learned a lot more than I could have myself. I think my first question on this board was something bout how to hack a website (god, what a lamer). Anyways, because of you guys I strived to be better and gain respect. I had my on and off times when I wouldn't touch a computer for 6 months (or I wasn't allowed, who remembers that?) but in the end it was the UGN Security people from way back who I have to thank. Rite now I'm studying towards my bachelor's in Computer System Security and will hopefully be able to have a successful career doing exactly what I love doing. Again, thank you guys.

special thanks go to screamer, unreal, SR, Jon, IceDog, Optix, Pred and BlackBeard for starting this site and Gizmo for keep it alive and transforming it into what it is (UGN Security actually has news now).