Well, it is June. We are half way thru the year of 2005. I thought it might be interesting to see who has kept up with their resolutions... if you didn't originally post, it's ok, just tell us what your resolution was and if you stuck with it or not. As for me...

Originally posted by Count Bishula:
I spent my New Year's Eve slightly buzzed talking to learner all night on the phone.

I have several New Year's resolutions, and I intend to keep every one of them.

1. Lose at least 50 lbs.

2. Get my shit together, which involves the following.

A) Choose a destination and move.

B) Decide on a career and work towards it.

C) Get a divorce.

D) Buy a car that runs most of the time.

(not in that order)

3. Be a better more patient parent.

4. Make myself happy (which involves all of the above) and do not depend on anyone for anything.

So, that's pretty much it. This year is going to be a really good year I think. *nod*
1. [check] depending on what day it is I've lost somewhere between 48-51 lbs since the beginning of the year, and I'm pretty excited about that.

2. A) [half-check] I have a destination, I haven't moved yet...that will be coming in the next month.

B) [half-check] I have decided, and now I need to put my plans into action and enroll (after I move)

C) [buzzer sound] nope, haven't got around to that yet, but plan on doing it soon.

D) [check] Did that about a month after I posted this, and still goin strong. woohoo!

3. [half-check] This is an ongoing thing for the rest of my life I think, but I'm not doin' too bad.

4. [half buzzer sound] I am still not making myself entirely happy, and I still let people walk all over me even though I know better, but I am not depending on anyone for anything. It is a work in progress.

Ok, your turn.

For the record, I am well aware of the no posting to dead threads rule. I got permission before I did this, just for any asstarts who are on their high horse at the moment.
boys lie.

No we do not!!!!