Well I got bored and decided to redo some sections of my IRC Bot as well as my personal IRC functions through my client.

One of these that I would like to share with you all is !voice and !op since I have been told that some of you use them on certain servers, these are pretty basic and have worked 100% through testing. Onward to the scripts.

These are remotes, and at this point are only available in mIRC. Please open your REMOTES section on your mIRC client and enter the below if you wish to use it.

;UGN Security !voice/!op controller
;This script allows the specifide users to have access to !op and !voice
;By Gizmo ([email protected])
;Visit us on the web at http://www.undergroundnews.com/
;Shouts to: Sarah, Weeve, Crime, Lil *** Vaxen, Hightop, Neo, and to anyone I forgot, yer not special!

on 1:TEXT:*!voice*:#:{
if ($nick == crim3) { /mode $chan +v $nick }
elseif ($nick == neo) { /mode $chan +v $nick }
elseif ($nick == predator) { /mode $chan +v $nick }
elseif ($nick == fearme3) { /mode $chan +v $nick }
else /notice $nick You do not have access to that command. | /halt }
on 1:TEXT:*!op*:#:{
if ($nick == unreal) { /mode $chan +o $nick }
elseif ($nick == weeve) { /mode $chan +o $nick }
elseif ($nick == curse) { /mode $chan +o $nick }
else /notice $nick You do not have access to that command. | /halt }

Please feel free to tweak it around a bit, basically the $nick points to users who have access, and if not it will notice the user with "You do not have access to that command". Its generally user friendly and can be cleaned up for those of you paranoid with space.

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