Wow, another boris email! I feel special, I thought we droped this topic, but nope, he feels it must go on...

From Boris:
...I find it hilarious that you cant spell....And tell me where...where on my forum site you see something that was stolen...thats what I thought...Now looks whos over reacting.....If you ever read my second to last post about kewls....You will know that you are a total kewl....But ohwell....who cares its your crappy site and you can do whatever you want...I actually prefer if you guys stay up....That way we can send all of our kewls your way where they will feel just at home....Once again I bid you a good day.

You had information that was stolen from DK, which was the ONLY reason your post was edited. Funny, I seem to recall being 90% German and being born out of the USA, yet I find my English quite well considering. Interesting also that I spell-check and grammar check my outgoing mail... Perhaps it is you who cannot spell and are trying to latch on to just about anything to try to act cool.

I don’t see why you see it fit to argue, I told you that if you post illegal material or copyrighted material it would be removed, yet you do so and it is then you act like we did some huge horrible thing to you. We said you’re more than welcome so long as you stop posting links to your board when it has copyright infringed materials posted on it.

And I’m not overreacting, I’m responding to emails sent to my inbox, I never saw anything as an overreaction other than your retaliations over what happened because of your actions.

Obviously you do care about my “crappy” site otherwise you wouldn’t have taken such an offence to what had happened. You’re drawing this matter out longer and longer, we’ve already dropped it, I suggest you do the same.

Yes, us and our “kewls” I’ll be the first to admit that most of UGN Security is a bunch of kiddies, clueberts, “kewls” etc, we’ve been trying to HELP people as opposed to OPPRESSING them.

Yes, good day, until I get another email from you with meaningless threats and moronic content.

UGN Security System Administrator
I think we need a "Hate Mail" section now... What do you think boris?
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