I love having a kid. A pic of my son on my badge holder is one of the few things that gets me thru work each day i go. and marriage isnt so bad. it has it's ups and downs but what do you expect when you know you're stuck with that person for as long as that ring is on...

Ask Giz, our marriage isnt perfect and half the time we just want to kill one another but since i started working again that's gotten a lot better. i love the bastard and he makes me happy, which isnt an easy feet. i know when i get home each night i have someone to bitch to about my suck ass day at work and then i can hear him tell me when cute things our son did. little things like that make it worth it, at least to me. just being able to turn my head and see him holding our son makes all the bad moments worth it. granted there will be more fights but what couple doesnt fight at some point?
*Hell hath no fury like a womens anger and damn be the fool who gets in her way*

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