Yeah I've been laughed at for asking for more money especially since we have minimum wage laws employers only have to pay you ther bear minimum. That's why i wont work at mcdonals or walgreens or walmart. though $10/hr isnt much more then $7.25/hr...

I've had friends whove gotten fired for going on their honeymoon (mind you it was preaproved). This coun try is very messed up when it comes to getting paid.

It ticks me off how easliy these companies will ship our jobs oversea's just to put more money in their pockets but in the process giveing poorer quality products and customer service.

At least once a day I have people say "THANK GOD YOU'RE AMERICAN AND SPEAK ENGLISH FLUENTLY!!" as soon as i'm done with my opening.

If i could stop buying products from walmart i would but they have the cheapest prices for diapers and most baby cloths and living off one income giz and i cant be choosy on where we shop. sometimes you have to go where the sales are which makes it so much harder.
*Hell hath no fury like a womens anger and damn be the fool who gets in her way*

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