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If you want to be given a higher wage, then you have to demand it. They're not gonna pay you more just cause they feel like it (would you?). Competition protects both the interests of consumers AND employers. If you make your company as much as you say you do, then you should have no problem walking into your bosses office and demanding a pay raise. You don't get to the top through Christmas bonuses, you get there by taking it by the balls damnit!
Shadow, *Sigh* I like you a bit and all but that was just ignorant.

Look around you people. Wages are now set in india and china and prices are going up here in the states. Lets take a look

Gas - going up
electricity - going up
real estate - SHOOTING UP
healthcare - SHOOTING UP
food - slowly inching up but will goo up with gas prices
insurance - going up

Now lets look at jobs.

Computer tech - going down
doctor - standing still
lower management - going down
call center - going down
manufacturing - going down

This may seem great now but I tell you we are at a threshold here. There are more people being grouped into lower income now. There is getting to be less and less going into a bosses office and demanding a raise. More and more of, well that isn't my call, or you are maxed out in pay for this position. Through laws and rules the "haves" have put in place they will creat a huge pool of labor that will fight itself for thier jobs.

Lets back up to the early nintys. If you even thought computers were cool, you were in demand. The average computer tech could sign up with a company and get them to train him and make good money doing what is now shit work. HTML, customer support, things now that are a dime a dozen. But now lets say you are a CCIE cisco certified engineer. You are sitting pretty good. But gues what, in the last year I would say 33% thats 1/3 of the CCIE's I deal with are either here on HB1 visa's or in a call center in india. CCNA no longer rally means jack, CCNP, means a little more than CCNA.

The labor pool for this country is larger than this country. It is a un-fair dissadvantage. Right now I am fine, but what about 5 years from now. Morgages you say hus? Why can't the bank out source that work you do? In michigan you have an ass load of out of work auto workers. Think there are many jobs up there? They are thinking everything you would,

Let me get training in something else so this doesn't happen again. I will get this CCNA thing, great, here is 20k a year. CCNP, okay here is another 5k. Meanwhile the CEO's of this country have steadily increased thier money. I hear you, I'm fine. That will not happen to me, Sintax is gone off the deep end with a conspiracy theory.

I have a goone eye for the future guys. I remember talking about FTTP in here a while back and you guys said, yea no time soon though. 1 million homes this year 2 next. You can either take some action or wait for it to affect you and your family. If you wait and I am right, we the lower classes are grouped into a big lower class for labor. Do not say how did this happen to me. I am elling you now.
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