If you did work at McDonalds you would be in the manufacturing industry. Yep Manufacturing is making a come back in the US. Oh wait you do not know what I am talking about. Let me back up. Soon after 9/11 when the yes Mr. President machine was in full swing, our fearless leader had fast food and a few other industries re-classified as manufacturing for the stats you hear about.

Many of those "positive growth" numbers you hear about on the news are not what they seem. Jim Bob a father of 2 husband and sole bread winner looses his job at GMC manufacturing because the plant move out of country. This is fine says the walstreet broker. MANUFACTURING IS ON THE RISE AGAIN. Jim Bob can get a new job like many others in his boat. See 25k doesn't seem like much to someone who cleared 25 million last year. Jim Bob then gets a Mc job. Don't belive me?

From CBS news

Oh here is the US senate

Here is the House of rep

But hey Ole learner is crazy and paranoid right? Well enjoy your manufacturing jobs. Or maybe they will be engineering by the time you have to work them. For the loyal Bush followers, this sound kosher to you? Sounds pretty shady to me.
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