As a small business owner I find it ridiculious the governement can dictate the minimum wage I have to pay someone. As this number increases so does the amount I have to withold for workmans comp and other taxes. My cost to have an employee goes through the roof. If I pay someone 10 bucks per hour my cost is actually much higher.

The rise in minimum wage forces me to hire less people, raise the price of my good or service, or just bend over and take it. If I hire less people my productivity is affected. If I raise the prices then everyone pays for the minimum wage increase and my profit margin shrinks even with an increase in price (due to increase in workmans comp and taxes withheld). I am not in business to just bend over and take it so that aint gonna happen.

The only good that comes from increase in minimum wage is some fuckin pimplefaced mcdonalds employee can now buy himself an extra few CD's at the end of the week.

So sure a one dollar an hour raise might be nice for the macdonalds worker but for the employer whos not a fuckin millionaire its very very damaging.

Who pays for the healthcare of the workers making 35k and up? The employer? HAHAHA yeah right. Imagine the cost on that!

Everyone always looks at things from the wrong end of the stick. People look at it from the employee standpoint. I guess if you plan on being an employee for the rest of your life thats the right way to see things.

For me I have goals of owning several businesses. So when I run across these type of political discussions I tend to think from the employer point of view. Just how I work. lol
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