The only good that comes from increase in minimum wage is some fuckin pimplefaced mcdonalds employee can now buy himself an extra few CD's at the end of the week.
I have known you a while, do you really belive that? Do you know how many families live off minimum wage? To you and I that sounds crazy, and do you really only pay minimum wage? lol you go Scrooge!

Lets look at the senerio you put on the table. 35k pays own health care.

$35,000 per yer(well above minimum wage)
that is about $16.82 an hour.
That works out to be $672 per week.
After tax and Social security $443.52

Not bad hu? $1,774.08 per month take home.

Now lets add health care. Avg cost for individual nation wide is about $75 to $100 a week. We will low ball it. Assume this person got a good deal.

Now we have $368.52 for the awsome HMO they set up. Still not too bad. $1,474.08. Now lets pay some bills.

Rent - $700 to 1600 depending on area We will say $700.
Food - $150 per month because this person we will assume is single
clothes/shoes for work - $50 Just to keep up.
Gas - $40 per week total of $160(this is low bal in most areas)
Electric - $120 per month
car payment - $128 this is a used car obviously
insurance - $50 per month clean driving record

I would say that is bare bones to live. Oh wait...

Phone - $30.00 per month no long distance

This leave 86.00 a month and we have yet to eat out, get cable, internet, get a flat tire, get sick and call out of work, buy gifts for b-day, holliday.

Like I say, I am not hurting for cash. But you run the math. See what income you need to make it?
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