No matter how you cut it living off minimum wage absolutely blows. However its supposed to blow. Thats why its called MINIMUM.

People have the choice to get second jobs or increase there educational and get a job that pays above minimum wage.

I generally am quite insensitive to those who complain about the minimum wage not being high enough. Who lives there life just trying to do the minimum?

I grew up on food stamps and welfare while my mother worked her way through college to get a masters degree. I myself have worked minimum wage jobs however I never did it for too long. I found a way into a field with commission so I could earn more. The point is,, minimum was just that,, barely making it.

I do not pay minimum wage. I do something much worse. I refuse to have "employees". I have independent contractors. Nobody gets paid unless I get paid. Write a loan, get paid. Don't write a loan, starve. I will starve with you. Or I will write a loan myself.

I agree that its tough to make it on 35k per year. But that doesn't mean the govt or the business should pick up the health care cost because its too expensive. Get more education or skills and get a higher paying job. Get a second job.

Its not the employers fault you only can pull in 35k. Its not the governments either. Why should they pick up the bill?
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