Consider this,

More and more healthcare is left on the sholder of the employee/citezen. They cannot afford it so they do things like vist the ER to get medical help. They never pay. This drives the cost up for you and I. The hospital has to re-coup costs so you end up with things like $7.00 for two asprin(I saw this on my bill for my wifes child delivery). Costs go up, more companies drop thier plans, more ER visits, more costs go up. See a pattern?

It is benificial for all to find another way. Health care costs are spiraling out of control. $35k as I broke it down is hard to live a good life. You can, but god help you if something happens to dissrupt your life. Now 35k is a shit load more than minimum wage. $16.82 versus $5.50(I belive is minimum wage). Now how many people are on minimum wage? Think they have a health plan? What do you think that does to our medical costs?

There are solutions. Germany has solcialised the heath industry, canada has also. Yes taxes go up. But if you get brain cancer, you at $8.00 per hrs get the same treatment as me at $28.18 per hrs. It is cheaper in the long run.
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