At the end of ther week I can afford diapers AND payrent. Pay me less and I have to choise between the 2. Roof over my sons head or diapers on his butt.

You're not the only one who needs to survive. So do your employees and if you dont want to pay them what their worth so they can just barley survive then you shouldnt own your own busiess. Cause when you're the boss you cant JUST think of yourself.

I cant afford to make under $9/hr. Any less and I cant afford to pay rent, utilities, and keep my son clothed & feed. It's not right to make me choice between the 3 cause all have to be paid. Not much of mine and giz's money is spent on stuff we want.

Now tell me what's more important? More money in higher up's pockets or lower classs america being able to afford the nessisities in life that are needed to survive?
*Hell hath no fury like a womens anger and damn be the fool who gets in her way*

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