Is it fair to make me pay more because you can barely survive? IceMyst Im not talking about you and I personally but consider this.

Why is it necessarily my problem if you cannot make your own ends meet. If you cant survive financially how is this my burden? As a business owner I already get whacked if you don't make a lot of money and thats because you don't buy my products or use my services. Someone who is choosing between rent and diapers as you put it, will not be in the market for my services or the services of thousands of other businesses. So the business gets whacked once.

However its not fair to place the financial problems of the lower class on the shoulder of small businesses. If you raise the minimum wage thats basically whats happening. The small businesses take the hit.

Personally I have been so poor as to steal diapers for my son, been on welfare, have worked minimum wage jobs and have lived from paycheck to paycheck literally for way too long. I have a deep sense of empathy for those still struggling at that level. Personally now that I make more money I find I still have struggles just with different dollar amounts.

Instead of rent its a mortgage, a metro car payment its a Honda, the overhead of the office, instead of one set of clothes to buy for a kid its 2 for both of them. The list goes on.

I guess I just accept its my own personal responsibility to get ahead in this life. The government isn't going to do it for me. There are no handouts from large corporations.

Personally i want the government as far out of my way as possible. I don't want them meddling in my business affairs, personal affairs, everyday life. The less government involvement the better.

The health care system is all fucked up. Canada also has a top notch system that everyone pays out the ass for. Personally I don't want to pay out the ass unless I get sick. 7 bucks for an aspirin isn't that bad, I have seen it as high as 20.
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