I agree medical costs are high. I agree for some families they are so high they are out of reach. The companies you list are public companies. Most public companies are just that, funded by the public. The public buys shares and that produces income the company can use to increase growth and productivity. Become a major shareholder and work on changing the companies if you believe so strongly in the cause.

I just cant stand the viewpoint that the governemtn is supposed to take care of us financially. We are in a sink or swim society. Make it rich or be a bum your whole life we dont care. Its your choice. Every person has the ability to make themselves rich, every person has the ability to make themselves broke. It bothers me when the bums say its the governments fault there not rich.

And regarding making 100k. Lets just remember that the more money you make, the more money they take. The average guy making 100k certainly pays more in taxes then the guy that makes 35k. So wtf. Do we whack him again and say,, sorry mr 100k maker,, we know you pay more in taxes then mr 35ker but he has no health insurance. So were gonna whack you again and take some more of your money. bullshit.

Lets not forget that big business does provide jobs. Smack businesses too hard and there will be less jobs available thus perpetuating the problem.

Instead of trying to hold 2 35k per year jobs try spending your offtime from the first job building your own business. Try increasing your education. Try doing something other then begging the government for a handout.

Of course Im not speaking directly to you personally but rather to those that have the above attitude!
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