Everyone does not have the ability to become rich... The system is not set up like that. There has to be those lower. It is just how capitalism works. If everyone was rich... Everyone would be poor. lol that doesn't make sense at first but think about it. There would be no rich if everyone could make it.

Big companies are much like how I picture mythical giants. They move and accidentaly crush small companies they are so massive. They make what seems small on paper a change and ruins thousands of lives. I do not necesarrily think the government has to pay to make a system work. They could do what they do best. Legislate. Require everyone pay a flat rate into a health care tax, then do away with insurance companies that profit off the money and refuse to pay when they think they can get away with it.

Or regulate insurance companies. Limit Malpractice and frivilous law suits to keep insurance down. Basically a few laws could better things a lot.

I am sure your taxes suck ass man. I made 80% of what you got last year and it pretty well sucked when uncle sam ass raped me. This could be limited also if the money was spent more efficiently. Say open all contracts in Iraq and Louisana to bid instead of to Mr. Presidents companies. Lowest company that has the man power to get the job done gets the job.

Instead of paying contractors to do certain tasks, make criminals in jail do it. How much money could that save? What about the jobs? I do not know, but that is less taxes...
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