Flat rate for healthcare would be an interesting idea, and not one that I am completely opposed to.

If criminals in jails could produce the same quality work (even a tad bit less would be ok) then I say fuckem and makem slave away.

Last year I made 92k. I paid 500 bucks in taxes on the whole thing. Did I break the law no. I simply made sure I paid a grip to a fat ass CPA that understands my business and understands tax law. I played the game with the rules the IRS sets for me. When you know the rules its not so bad (and I'm not talking about the retarded instructions they give on the short form!).

This year should be about 120k and yeah im a little worried about mr taxman. We will see if my guy does his magic again. I will of course update you.

The average guy making 100k pays out the ass in taxes. Personally I find taxes a fucking insult and will forever do my damndest to legally minimize my tax burden. Is it fair someone who made 40k in income last year paid more money in taxes then I did? Hell yeah it is. I did the research and found the tax guy who knew the laws. That makes it fair in my book!

In the end I believe were both on the same page with our ideals but have different ideas on how to get there.
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