hahaha..yes Brian is quite pasty, and usually is feminine looking. but he's damn hot. i like pasty guys

Jay isn't really freaky i don't think. he's got great hair and i love his voice. plus for some i reason i love guys in makeup. yum

Andy may not seem to fit in, but it's the weird thing about andy. he's just that odd ball red head. at first i never paid him much attention, but he's funny as hell and has the one of the cutest smiles ever. he's just stodgy little Fletch and i love him! he's a total dork

i'm not the kind of girl that likes muscular guys. i'm more along the lines of the pasty skinny guys. guys that wear black eye liner. Kiefer doesn't really fit in with the rest of my boys, neither does Jeremy. But Kiefer is dead sexy and played a vampire in Lost Boys. Jeremy is from England and has that sexy British man accent. Plus he looks a lot like Dave.

i realized that most of the guys i think are hot are kind of girly men. eh.. i don't care. they are all fucking sexy as hell.
"when you look around, you can't tell me honestly you're happy with what you see"