email to [email protected]

I received a request on a non Microsoft site asking for my help in hacking one of your users accounts. Here is the message I received.

| i need to know
| how to hack hotmail user
| i need password of this user ([email protected])
| plz mail me on [email protected]
| thanks
| all the best

It came to my attention I was not the only one who got this message. See link to disscussion about it below.

I sent the person to be hacked a email warning them about this. a Copy is listed below.

| You do not know me but it seems you do know [email protected] whoever that is. He | came to a site I frequent and private messaged a bunch of us asking us to | help him/her break into your account. I of course will do nothing of the sort as this is
| a.) illeagle and I do not know the idiot
| b.) Juvinille
| c.) ignorant
| d.) annoying
| I thought you should know about it and assume you know the idiot. Usally you guys are trying to | | out do each other. I say that because this is a common question. I will be sending a copy of this | | notice to the Hotmail staff as well and only hope they terminate this fools account.
| This is your friends IP address or it was when he asked for my help
| Email to [email protected] from me

The IP address registered at the time of the message and when the user registered on is

Just thought you should know.
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