if there are infinate universes, I think that they would all steam from the same beginning but each one is a single variation which changes it from then on...like the difference between this universe and the next universe might be me hitting backspace. And then if that were true then maybe if you went back in time you would actually be shifting universes if you could change something and went forwards in time. I don't know...maybe it is all just stuff i think should go in scifi books. Ever see the Langoliers? Never read the book though.
Actually that's what a lot of scientists think. If you go back in time you actually go to an alternate timeline, or you create an alternate timeline. And yes, I've seen the movie and read the book. The book is better.
Yeah I see what you mean on the time thing with the light, but still wouldn't that mean that if the thing creating the light went faster than than the speed of light and then slowed down or something that the observer might see something happen backwards for a little while? I am not really paying much attention to what I am saying so maybe after I post if i think about it it will be more obvious or maybe this won't make any sense.
Stop trying not to sound stupid. Questions are good. At least you're not pretending to know what you're talking about.
Um, OK, you said IF you go faster than the speed of light.... But you cannot deccelerate to less than the speed of light anymore that you can accelerate beyond it. There are theoretical particles called tachyons that move faster than light, but the thing is, as they lose energy the go faster. As they gain energy, they slow down towards the speed of light. But there's no way they can slow down to less than the speed of light. It's as much of a barrier from the other side as it is on this side. The speed of light is an asymptotic limit (I think that's the right term).
Another thing...is light considered to be (by the majority) a continuous wave kind of thing, or a broken particle kind of thing? I had always heard wave but i have heard particle a few times too. Heh..just going on. But if the light is created and moves one speed, then whatever is creating it catches up to it and is ceating light could more than one wave/particle (or whatever) of light be in the same place? I don't really know what all I am asking, just wondering.
Well, it's both. It's called wave/particle duality. Photons, and matter appear to behave both like waves and like particles at the same time. It's kind of weird actually.
one theory of time that I've always like is that you can't go back into the past and change it - cause you'd actually be carrying out what has already been done.

I.E. You go back into the past to prevent Bill Clinton from reaching the presidency, but then you find out - Bill was in the presidency BECAUSE you had already, in the past, attempted to stop him. You had instead, CAUSED it inadvertently.

Under that theory there is nothing you can do to change the past - cause you've already tried. heh. I wonder if this is a little too deep for some of you.
I don't like that theory. It's interesting to think about, but it negates free will. And it just seems too unlikely.
One theory about time travel to the past is that it wouldn't effect this specific dimension, but because just traveling to the past to bein with would alter SOMETHING, it would simply create an alternate dimension for everything that altered.
You seem to be using the term dimension when you actually mean alternate universe. It can be kind of confusing.
Only reason I don't think it is possible, becuase anytime you start to think about it, there are a million situations that cuase endless logic loops.

For instance, the old question of: "What would happen if you kill your father or mother before they concieve you"
I mean, if you kill them, you can never be born, making it impossible for you to kill them, or perhaps you never were born becuase sometime in the future you did kill your parents, but then how are you here now?
But if you travel to an alternate universe (another timeline) then you avoid all the contradictions.
well, under my favorite theory, all attempts to kill your father must have failed cause you ARE alive. heh

Under secular theory, I don't believe time travel is possible - nor are there multiple dimensions.

However, under theistic theory, it may be possible that God can revert the universe to an earlier state - or a future state. Since he knews the past and the future and is all-powerful - than sure, he can cause time travel if he wants. It's like taking a tape recorder and pushing rewind and fast forward. There's nothing stopping him from creating multiple dimensions too - who knows, maybe he already has. Maybe angel's can flit between our reality and some other parallel universe that exists right here and now but we cannot see unless God wills it.
What is secular theory? And what do you mean by multiple dimensions? No alternate universes? Quantum computers probably wouldn't work without them.
Lets not turn this thread into a religious debate.