I know this is an old post, but I didn't want to start a new topic on something I think relates to this.

I heard that theory awhile back that our universe keeps expanding, then when it slows down to a stop it is pulled back together and the opposite of the big bang happens. (i think that is what the theory is)

So i was thinking, what if this happened over and over again and it would be like the different dimensions each time. I guess that would be the same physics and everything. So then traveling between dimensions could actually just be time travel, going a certain amount of time to the next or previous cycle. So i guess this would mean there are infinate cycles that happened the exact same, i mean if it is random then that means it would happen eventually and if it goes on forever then they would all have infinate clone cycles.

Paragon, i think it was, said that the theory that each dimension is just one detail different from another is pretty common, so i think this one probably would be too.