How about all the HItler debate gets put into a new forum. And rather than all you that care about this, not using facts. Each person take the facts that you know (LIST YOUR SOURCES) and then allow the other person to refute them. I am not interested in this, but its obviously getting OT in this thread and seems that some of you feel strongly about this. So take it elsewhere, debate it, give sources.evidence, (TBG list what was told by whom and where) and see where it comes out. Hell, it might even end up being constructive?

Windead: Sorry to hear what happened. I wouldn't report it though, b/c cops have too much power. It is just something about government that sucks sometime. The fact is, if you have enough things happen, keep them documented, have all your friends document it, and then give it to various news sources.

Think, the government doesn't like to make itself look bad, and by admitting what you did, it would. However, media loves to expose things like this, so you get all the "evidence" together and give to alot of media outlets. It becomes public knowledge and then the government has to do "Spin control" and go after the police, b/c not doing so, would make them look bad.

Congratulations, you have just turned the tables on them.