jonathon, you read the same stuff i did. you know i'm right.

BG: sorry to hear about your woman that was in tears. really too bad because people were never gassed Auschwitz or anywhere else. You say her parents died.. how? you didn't mention how they died. Don't try to tell me that they were gassed, because it is impossible. There was no way any of the supposed "gas chambers" actually could have been just that. There have been many reports on this by gassing experts and by people who were there. Yes, even most of the Jewish people that were there admit that the gassings never happened. One woman even said she knew nothing of the gassings until she was released and heard about it years later!

you're right. a lot of the people in those prisons hadn't commited any crimes. they were exiled from Germany because they werre Jewish. Hitler didn't want the Jews in his country. So, they were "exported" to Poland and put into the camps. But then again, there were actual criminals that were also in those prisons. Those were the ones that were murdered.
"when you look around, you can't tell me honestly you're happy with what you see"