Hitler was not a good leader. Hitler was a fucking sour painter that took advantage of a vulnerable and desparate country. It doesn't fucking matter whether they used gas or ovens, they were murdered. People that defend Hitler are usually full of shit. Fuck that.

I am so cool and smart because i say things like "bypass inversion."

Reason enough to go to WW2: Hitler wanted world domination and was killing people. If no one did anything the world would be alot worse.

No one has all the facts, so don't fucking say that you do. According to the State of the Union Address, Iraq has had 12 years to disarm. They found new nuclear warheads, sarin (sp?) gas, and anthrax. I doubt that Saddam was part of the AlQaida network, but that doesn't mean he isn't evil.

fleshy- i like you, but please don't do that shit.

Now, let's cut this hitler-stalin-bush bullshit and get back to the topic.

I think we value human life more and less. On the morning news before school, there are clips of a local woman who was in a car wreck, her dead body and everything. Stories about people being raped or kidnapped. Before I go to school, I see this. This is why I stopped watching the news.

We also try to save people that have terminal illnesses. We are taking the power away from natural selection.

We talk about how crazy it was that people would kill people they thought to be witches. And we think it is crazy that people killed people because they thought they were greedy and caused a depression.

No one can think entirely for themselves, because we are influenced by the things we see and hear. Otherwise, we wouldn't have any opinion period, it is ridiculous to think you can have an opinion on something you don't know about at all.

Aside from tbg and Learner, I thought most of the posts here were a waste of time to read. Most, not all.

I think that society is about as bad and good as it has almost always been, just in a bigger ratio. We can't cut out the good just to get rid of the bad. I think that is why there is a hell if there is a heaven. There has to be a reason for it to impossible for everything to be good without any bad somewhere else.

People are dying of aids and starvation in Africa while people here are buying condoms to keep from having children (as well as prevent the spread of std's) and suing fast food companies for making them too fat (thank God those radges lost). By here I mean America. It isn't some fantastic country, but it is pretty bad other places to make up for it.