Ok, I just read this page 'cause I'm such a lazy-ass and I'm tired of war talks. Personally, I've given into the superior tactics of the Bush administration. I have a general contempt for anything French and I'm still actively seeking an "I(HEART)WAR" button to show my patriotism. But I have 2 problems with things I've read.

A: Fleshy, SEARCHING FOR ALTERNATIVE MEANS OF ENERGY? SEARCHING?! ARE YOU INSANE?! There are many alternative energy sources in the world: wind, solar, nuclear, you can run your damn car with small amounts of diesal and soybeans with just some slight engine modifications. The reason it seems like it takes so much time, money, effort, etc. is because that's what the oil companies want you to believe.

B: Communism is, in theory, the most effective and fair form of government. Everything is equal. However, in practice, it sucks. As Churchill said "Communism is the equal sharing of hardships" (I can't remember the exact words).

That's just something I wanted to point out.