dashocker: first off, hahahahahaha! you're funny. i know a lot about other forms of renewable energy. what i meant was "searching for alternative places to drill for oil" guess i should have specified it better. but anyway, you're wrong here. none of the alternative methods are as good as oil. sorry, but it's true. wind won't work. solar isn't strong enough. and nuclear.. how about we DON'T go there. that isn't a renewable source of energy anyway. nuclear would consist of using radioactive elements such as plutonium and uranium. last time i checked you can't grow more of that anywhere.
about the soy beans, hi! i'm from the midwest. that's where we grow all your fucking soy beans and corn to try to run machines. let me tell you, with that, you still have to have oil. not as much, but you still have to mix the corn/soy beans with refined oil. so yeah.. don't talk to me about renewable energy.

second of all: communism in theory is a totally ridiculous idea. you can quote Churchill all you want, but it doesn't change the fact communism has and will never work on a large scale. the whole idea of everyone getting the same amount of money for different jobs is just plain bullshit. if you work harder than some other guy you should get paid more. if your job requires more skill and schooling than some other guy you should get paid more. that is why communism is crap. it is NOT fair and definitly NOT effective. if that were true, don't you think more countries would be completely communist? yeah.. they would. but the truth is that it can't work. not even in theory.
"when you look around, you can't tell me honestly you're happy with what you see"