OK, Honestly, I'm not really sure whether most of the people here are being sarcastic, or if you guys are that fucked up. Holy shit, if you are that fucked up and do believe what you are saying, I can see why the US is such a fucked up, violent culture. All you have been talking about is saving $5 here and there and being greedy fuckers. Ever think about the people being killed in Iraq and around the rest of the world because greedy people like you want to save a few dollars. Most people havn't even mentioned the fact that the war will kill thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians. US greed baffles me. And fleshy, Communism means that everyone does the most and best work they can and receives what they need, not all equal. If I need this amount of money to live properly, I get it, if someone else needs a different amount, they get it and everyone works to their fullest capabilities. And it's true, it is the fairest form of government in my opinion.
Cha want some w***up?