Speaking of communism... I have a dog and his name is Cobi. He's seriously a really cool dog. He's a beagle, and he's really cute, but more than that, he's cool. All he ever wants to do is play though... and he likes to wrestle a lot. He always brings me his toys and wants to play tug of war, but pulls the toys away as I reach out at them, so before I can grab them. He's a funny little fella. He sleeps all day while I'm at school, doesn't move from his chair, and then is completely hyper when I get home. So we go outside and play for half an hour or so, sometimes longer, until he gets somewhat tired. Then I go in and watch ESPN or CNN and eat some cereal, while he lays on the couch with me with his head in my lap. Some dogs are cool, but Cobi is waaaay cool.

Holy shit this went off topic fast :\