I really think that, spaming someone with, banners, pop-ups, pup-unders, and now with singing banners, and god knows what else, will not help anyone ! I mean, really, who the hell clicks on all the pop-ups and all the banners ? When all you'll get by clicking on them are even more pop-ups. And now, to make things even more stupid, when you install something like PopupKiller, they have pop-ups that detect that you have PopupKiller, and will not let you enter the site, and will spam you with a really stupid message like : "Turn It Off NOW, or this message will keep apearing !!!". So you see, there is no end to this. It's all fucked. There are banners that are ok, because they don't do much to anoy the user (except the more recent ones that scare the shit out of you with the weird sounds), but what I really hate are Popups, and I hope that UGN Security will never have to use something like this.