Ick, Stay away from E-Machines, they royally suck. My now wife bought one before we got together and it is/was horrible. Barely enough mem to run Win XP Home. Plus it shares what little memory it has is shared with the video. I've ran several OS's on it, even Win98se and it was slow as hell for an AMD 1GHz. It takes forever to boot and to load programs. Logging into it takes forever even with minimal load settings and minimal graphics.
Then comes support. Forget about it. I had to SE the techie to get information about the hardware inside. The guy basically told me that he hoped that no one was listening to this call or he'd lose his job. I snooped around in the box and couldn't get any clear indication of what the Hardware specs were. Plus they don't give you OEM stuff they give you a "restore disk".
And if you want to use it for games, even /simple/ games, like older win games, forget about it. The graphics sucks on it.
But I suppose if you wanted to use a minimal memory usage OS, ie Linux, then you might be able to load pine for emailing.
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