Get to "Ritz Camera" as soon as you can, and pick up the $10.99 one time use digital camera.

The camera was succesfully hacked a little while ago, alfter a quick soldering and a palm usb cable, the one time use Digital Camera becomes a regular Digital Camera.

So your getting a 1.3 MegaPixel, 16 meg of memmery camera for $10, minus the $5 for the palm usb cable.

Custom made drivers for the camera have been released by various groups for Windows, Unix & Mac

some more information:

Its safe to say that everyone at this board is going to be giving digital cameras for christmas.

The camera actually claimes to be 2 MegaPixels, but the quality has been measured at 1.3 MP, the links have all information on where to get the camera, drivers, and modding instructions.
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