Ok, I have a home build computer, and for the first 8 month it worked perfectly, then summer hit... One day the comp just started overheating, but the problem only occured during heavy loads it seems (mainly, games.) I can basically do everything I want except play games. I can watch videos, listen to music, write, surf the web, what have you, however, if I start up a game I might get 5 or 10 minutes of play before the system just locks up.

Now, for a while I just took off the case and put a fane ot it... but soon even that stopped working, so one day I just took everything apart and cleaned everything off (included the dusty heatsink) so I thought that might be a problem. It worked fine, again though, I kept the cover off and a fan on it. On that same day, I ordered some new fans for the computer, including a new processor fan/heatsink combo (ALPHA PAL8045U. Heat Sink + Fan.) from new egg along w/ some normal fans.

Today, the computer locked up again (about an hour ago) so I decided to install all the new fans etc. I come back, power it up, start a game... it still locks up.

Now, I am beginning to think maybe the fan on my video card has died? At this point, I am completely out of ideas...

*Another quick question, I have only installed 3 processors so far, 1 I put to much heatsink, which caused a very burnt processor, another was just out of the package that didn't use heatsink... now, this one said I should put a "thin layer," with that said I made it just about see threw, is that right? Should I have put more on? I can't use past experience, because the other one I put way to much on.
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