I am working on building a cost-efficient graphics editing machine. I have a huge issue w/ the fact that I cannot find any small fast drives.

Wouldn't machines run better if you could buy a 1-5gig 10,000RPM drive that would serve only for things such as windows swap or photoshop scratch disk, etc. I mean, you still can't get 1gig sticks of RAM w/o spending a shitload.

As of now, my only real choice for a very fact scratch solution is to get the smallest SATA drives I can get (36Gigs). This solution cheaper than going SCSI.

So that leaves me with a RAID0 that will probably use 5 gigs at the absolute most and I would rather not have the drives serve any other function b/c that will take away from the performance.

So I am wasting about 67Gigs atleast. I know space is cheap, but that is ridiculous. Does anyone happen to know of a better solution for the most efficent swap setup? Maybe there is a solution I am missing.

Any input would be appreciated

Here are the smallest options that I see available w/ great speed/performance

SEAGATE [$137 ea]
10,000 RPM
N/A Cache
160MBPS rate
Seek time: 5.2ms

Western Digital Raptor [$122 ea]
10,000 RPM
8MB Cache
150MBPS rate
Seek time: 5.2ms

IDE is too slow, USB is too slow, and Firewire drivers start @ 80BG.