I say lets quit playing

declare the truth

Our policy is to ensure the jew nation is safe

pull all troops out and state, attack us again and we will kick ass.

Send mass amounts of security and weapons to Isriale. If they fall after that... It wasn't meant to be. (Plus that means we aren't near the end according to the bible. )

Tell all the countries in Europe bitching, to pay the world war II debt back they owe us. Or debuct it from what we owe them.

Tell Canada to go ahead and leagalise weed like they tryed to do a couple months ago and go into isolationism again. Let the world problems be thier own. Everyone wants to bitch about the big bad U.S....

Fine pull all resources out of everywhere. Let them see just how bad we realy were. As for Sadam ..... Torture his ass for what he did to his own sons...