Hey all, I have no hardware experience or knowledge and i want to change this! So i have decided to make my own PC. Since i am a Hardcore gamer, it will be a gaming machine. I all ready have a monitor, Keyboard & Mouse and Case. I want to hear your opinions befor i buy all this equipment ::-

:::> Pentium 4 3.0 GHz With HTD,
:::> 120G HDD
:::> 512mb DDR Ram (or 1 gig)
:::> 128mb GeForce FX 5200 DDR with TV OUT
:::> Gigabyte K7 Triton Motherboard
:::> DVD-Player/Buner
:::> On-Board 3D EAX2

Its going to cost me about 1,500 Au if i choose to buy the parts from my local shop, and I wont upgrade for about 4 years so will that set-up do? And also i don't know any sites with reiews or information about hardware.

Thanks for any help.