rather than the geforce, seriously consider a radeon. i was a huge nvidia fan (still am) but after doing a lot of research, i definately have a lot more respect for ati. and my new computer is probalby gonna have an ati, unless i change my mind b4 i end up buying the rest of the pieces.

some sites to look at:

also, dont' forget the power of google. just type like say "pentium motherboards reviews" or something such as that.

don't skip out on sound for gaming either. you really wanna make sure you have at LEAST a 2.1 speaker system, preferable 5.1.
also, don't forget about the case. i like the antec lanboy or the new p160...or (like mine) a lian-li pc-65. both are great companies. as for a power supply...also check out antec. their truepower or smart power ones are pretty good. and dont' get a cheap power supply, you'll regret it later.


check out that thread.//
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