Yee, i just wanted to go over a heap of shit on the ph, it is much easier anyway.
Instead of that motherboard (as alchemist was saying) purchase a motherboard that supports dual channel mode.
If you chose an AMD CPU chose a mobo with an NF2 chipset
If you chose an Intel CPU chose a mobo with an Intel chipset.
Still these chipsets out perform SIS or whateva.
The CPU is your decision but I use to be on Intel's side but now I'm certainly a AMD person. Both companies have reliitibely low prices on thier 32-bit range. For AMD overclocking 2700/2800xp's are the best. For P4's their all good.
From 2.4 to 3.0g Intel I herd used the same core. I don't recommend unstable overclocking and i usally don't like it at all, thier isn't much point seeing it can shorten the lifespan of ur cpu and with some surface more problems.
With the GFX 5200 prob go for something better it does depend of how much u want to spend but maybe look at a 5600.
Buy two sticks of 512mb DDR Ram for a dual chan mobo, prob aim for PC3200 sticks.
Cmon NTD as if u need 120gig's, imagine how long it would take u to fill it up lol.
Which brand is it what RPM?
You cannot use ur old case. Buy a new one they only cost between 50-100. Making sure of a min 350w PSU with a extra connectore for P4's. You'd want a new case for airflow and space plus ur old case may be a old AT PSU which with a new pc you'd req a ATX PSU.
Which model/brand is the DVD writer?
I'll hopefully be getting a friend to setup a site for purchasing hardware/soft online, only for aus clients though.
also fill me on the warrenty, conditions and labour costs if they haven't included into that price.
Catch ya