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Well, knowing how much line degrigation there was in the beginning days of VoIP I was pretty skeptical that anyone could provide a replacement for a telephone line purely VoIP; well, until today anyway...

After about a week of waiting I finally got my UPS package, the postman had shoved it behind an old portch swing we have so that no one walking up to the house would notice a $75 router sitting on my porch in a box ;\) .

Well, I open up the box and there sits my new Linksys RT31P2 (free with a valid service plan through vonage, comes with their welcome kit).

Taking the kit apart and throwing the new router onto my network (it's a 3 port router with 2 telephone ports) I set my desktop to be on the same ip range as the router so that I could set it up for my own network behind my router ( Linksys WRT54GS w/ Sveasoft firmware ).

Well, after a little tinkering and some port forwarding (5060-5061, 10000-20000, 53-69, 123) I was ready to connect my phones and make my first test call... I connect my new 5.8GHZ phones ( Uniden EXAI 5180 ) to my VoIP router and dial my first number out... Here I am met with an obsticle, I dial the phone too f'in fast for the router to send the signal! So, I slow my dialing a slight pace and the call goes through...

:ring: :ring: goes my house phone, sure enough, the VoIP was capable of connecting to the landline. I pick up the phone and say hello to myself, obstycle number two, there is a slight echo; nothing that bad, no one would notice should they not be in the same room as me... The line quality is excelent, if I hadn't known I was on VoIP I'd have never guessed!
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