Yeh you heard it, so sue me... hopefully they wont... Tim said it was alright...

Ok, as you've all noticed we have banners (mm duah) well they make us money to keep UGN Security up... Show your support go to the UGN Security Code page at and refresh till you find a College banner (generally University of Phoenix) and then click on it...

After that do the following:
1. Click Apply.
2. fill out false info that COULD look legit.
3. Use the email address of [email protected] (replace XXX with any numbers or digits).
4. do it a few times (always click FROM the code.htm page!) if you'd like, we get $4 per signup.
5. do it whenever you can, this is how we're kept up, the more we make the more features UGN Security gets!

This has been a Gizmo message, this is Gizmo signing off...

Donate to UGN Security here.
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