can't say I'm completely apalled. But do you think he did it in a fit of stupidity or is this something he would normally expect of a wife? Either way man, dammit what the hell?!? Actually I did have this one manager one time at this movie theatre I work at... He was nuts, kinda like this guy seems like. He was a madman. He was interrogating our asst. managers telling them to tell him who smoked pot (long story basically he was doing all kinds of unethical things which he thought were standard operation or whatever fucked up thought process he had goin on in his head was tellin him so, and I never liked not from the start and finally he was caught stealin money so the cops were called and the home office came down to our location and kicked his ass out!!! ah ha hah ANDY PETH beware... last I heard he was workin at a casino as a security guard. So if you go to a casino in colorado watch out!
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