Originally posted by Count Bishula:
wow, somebunny coulda told me I was moving off the short bus heh! Anyways, thanks gizza. *blows kisses*
I was going to call you at 2am and tell you but Icey said no cas it was 5a there lol...

Originally posted by xacex:
sweet. vagina power forever! hah.
Ya know, I hinted to you like 9 times that you can have hops on the IRC if you just ask due to us needing an active user on the IRC to be a staffer; so you could have technically been the first female UGN Security staffer lol...

Originally posted by IceMyst:
Oh yes. Us females to cum together since there's so few of us
Yeh, it takes a select breed to not run off from the boys harassment...
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