OK, now obviously not to that extreme, but how many people believe this is something they at least think.

I mean, you hear about people saying they let themselves go after marriage.

He nips that in the butt with the hygiene rule.

Sex stops after marriage or at least isn't what is used to be.

He tries to head that one off at the pass.

Typically if the either makes their significant other happy through any means (including sex), they will reap benefits like more eagerness overall to pursue activities and things similar to GBD.

So essentially, this guy just took what all men or women fantasize and worry about regarding marriage, and went too far with the whole idea.

But take out the specifics and the premises themselves make sense.

And yes, my earlier response was sarcasm, but this is certainly nothing shocking. Simply someone taking too far the typical fears that accompany the 'sacrifice' associated with marriage and perhaps his age also.